Quick Start Guide

Step #1 Select your default sorting strategy

Select your store's default sort strategy from the Strategies screen. You can use the app's pre-configured merchandising strategies or create your unique strategy by configuring your sorting rules.

You can also modify the pre-defined strategies by editing them or cloning them and then customising them for your store.

Our app allows you to create multiple strategies that use a set of rules to sort products. You can create multiple buckets (think of them as rules that group products together) and combine them to sort a collection. Each bucket follows a rule or a combination of rules to sort products.

  • Let's say, first you wish to show a couple of Featured products of your choice at the top. We can call this group of products as Bucket 1.
  • After that, you want to show some newly launched products. We can call this group of products as Bucket 2.
  • After that, you might want to show all the products that are tagged as "black party dresses" sorted by inventory. We can call this group of products as Bucket 3.
  • After that, you might want to show all the products sorted by revenue generated. We can call this group of products as Bucket 4.
  • In the end, you might want to push all the out of stock products. We can call this group of products as Bucket 5.

You can add as many buckets as you want to each strategy and each of these buckets can sort & order products by:

  • Revenue generated (for X number of days).
  • Number of sales (for X number of days).
  • Product created date, Published date, and Last updated date.
  • Inventory Quantity.
  • Variant Availability Ratio.
  • Product price
  • Discount (% or $).
  • Custom Rules based on Product Title, Tags, Vendor, Product Type, Number of days since created, published or updated, etc
  • Random Order.

Pro tip: Click the Bulb Icon on the Strategy screen to learn how the sort order of products is determined when this strategy is applied to a collection.

Step #2 Enable collections and choose the strategy to be applied

Click the toggle button in the Status column to enable collection sorting from the app's main page.

To apply the default strategy to multiple collections at once, use the Select All checkbox in the first column.

You can also enable each collection individually and select a collection-specific strategy from a list of available Global strategies by clicking the arrow button in the Active Sort Strategy column.

When the sorting process runs, the products in only the enabled collections will be sorted based on the strategy applied.

Pro tip: You can override the sorting rules for individual collections by clicking the Manage button on the main page. After this, you may disable the “Use Global Strategy” toggle button and create a collection-specific strategy with the rules that you want for that collection.

Please note: The app will only update the sorting order of products in collections that are enabled from the main screen.

Step #3 Configure featured products for your collections (OPTIONAL)

Click the Pin Products button from the app's main page and use Product ID or Name to search and pin any number of products to a collection with an easy to use drag and drop editor.

You can move products up and down by dragging them in their desired order using the icon.

Featured products will show at the location where the featured bucket is included in the collection's strategy. Most stores keep the featured products as the first bucket in all their strategies so that they can control which products they show at the top.

Please note: These products will not be considered as pinned and will be ignored entirely if the featured bucket does not exist in the strategy applied for this collection, We recommend placing the Featured Bucket at the top of each strategy so that you can easily control which products show at the top.

Step #4 Review global settings and enable automatic sorting

Review and make changes to Global settings to suit your store’s needs, These settings are applied by default to all the collections that the app has enabled for sorting.

On the same page, enable "Automatically sort products" and specify a time interval and frequency for the sort algorithm to run. Since this task takes time to complete, we recommend scheduling it during a time when you are not making any catalogue changes. We also recommend running this once every 24 hours (once daily).

When enabled, the app will:

  • fetch latest collections, products and sales data for your store from Shopify.
  • use this data to sort products based on the strategies you have configured for each enabled collection.
  • update product's positions in the collections that are enabled in the app.

Step #5 Trigger the sort and verify the product sort order

Use the “Sort Now” button for any particular enabled collection or sort the entire store by using the "Sort All Collections" button on the main page of the app.

Since this process takes time, you can visit the Sort Logs page to see the progress or reload the main page after a couple of minutes to view the Last sorted date and time beneath the collection name on the main screen.

By clicking the name of each sorted collection from the main page, you may verify that the products in that collection are sorted as you had anticipated. You can also use the report option to see how the app sorted these products with all of the underlying data.

Please note: Sorting all enabled collections might take some time depending on the number of products, orders, collections in your store. This could take anywhere from a few minutes for smaller stores to over an hour for larger stores that receive thousands of orders each month.

In case the product sort order does not change

The most common reasons for this issue:
  • you are using a third-party app to manage your collection pages (generally a filters app) such as Please reach out to support so that we can help you with the correct settings using this link: https://merchandising.searchtap.io/book-a-demo
  • you are using some Javascript/code in your theme that manipulates product positions or hides them. Ideally, the sort order in the Shopify Admin backend should be as per the sorting rule configured in our app and the same should be the order of products on your website once sorting has been completed successfully.
  • collection(s) are not enabled for sorting on the main page of the Collection Page Merchandising app.
  • collection "Sort by" option has changed in Shopify admin to anything other than "Manual"
  • collection sort is not triggered yet or is still running. Try refreshing the main screen and refer to the “Last Sort Ended At” time to be sure that the sort algorithm has completed the sort.
  • "Daily Automated Resort" is not enabled or configured properly under the “Global Settings” page.
  • Collection Page Merchanding App sort has never run even once. You can trigger it manually using the “Sort Now” button for any particular enabled collection or even sort the entire store by using the "Sort All Collections" button on the main page of the app.
In case you are not able to figure it out, feel free to contact us with the details of the products and collection at merchandising@searchtap.io